La Caravella at home: scallops, peas and asparagus salad

A recipe with some typical spring products

After pasta with lupine clams and artichokes, here is another spring recipe that you can replicate at home.

The main color of this dish is green thanks to two typical vegetables of this season: peas and asparagus. A quick dish that will allow you to bring to the table a tasty and appetizing salad with sautéed scallops in a pan and accompanied by a robiola sauce and toasted nuts.

Our Chef explains the steps to follow.



Warm scallops, peas and asparagus salad with robiola sauce and toasted hazelnuts



Ingredients for four people

Scallops n 12 pieces
Extra virgin olive oil 100ml
Thyme to taste
Salt pepper to taste
Green asparagus 600 gr
Fresh peas 500 gr
Butter 50 gr
Robiola cheese 50 gr
Milk 30 gr
Hazelnuts 30 gr
Shallot 50 gr
Carrots 50 gr
Basil to taste



Open the scallops, clean them from the sand, remove the meat from their shells, then season with oil, salt, pepper and thyme and place them in the fridge.


Cream of asparagus

Clean the asparagus by removing the woody part, then boil them in a little lightly salted water for 3-4 minutes, drain and let them cool immediately in water and ice. Proceed in the same cooking water and in the same way also with the peas. Recover the cooking water, a part of the asparagus tips and 1/3 of the peas to finish the dish, while skipping the rest of the vegetables with the shallots well browned in oil for a couple of minutes. Wet with a ladle of cooking water and a knob of butter, blend everything and finally filter the cream thus obtained in a sieve, adjusting its density with the cooking water and season with salt and pepper.


Sour cream

Dilute the robiola with some milk to obtain a smooth sauce.


Finishing the plate

Sauté the whole scallops in a non-stick pan for 5-6 minutes, using a drizzle of oil. In the meantime, lightly heat the vegetable cream (it must be lukewarm), place it on the plate with a spoon, complete with the scallops, peas and asparagus tips at room temperature. Finally, season with the sour cream, polish with a drizzle of oil and garnish with toasted hazelnuts, thinly sliced carrots and a little fresh basil.