La Caravella at home: Paccheri with prawns, scallops and asparagus

A simple and tasty recipe to replicate at home

In this period when we are forced to stay home, many are having fun by cooking. We then asked our Chef for a simple and tasty recipe to offer you, with some secrets to ensure an excellent result.

Here it is.


Paccheri with prawns, scallops and asparagus



Ingredients for 4 people

Paccheri 350g

Medium prawns 300g

Scallops 8 pieces

Datterino tomato 150g

Asparagus 300g

1 piece shallot

Butter 50g

Extra virgin olive oil 100ml

Brandy 30ml

Parsley to taste

Basil to taste

Salt to taste

Pepper as needed





Clean and wash the asparagus, cook in slightly salted water for 4 minutes. Cut them into strips leaving the tips intact.

Clean the scallops, wash them thoroughly from the sand and extract the pulp by cutting it into slices.

Shell the prawns by keeping the heads aside, carefully clean the pulp and cut it into small pieces.

Brown the chopped shallots in a drizzle of oil, lay the shrimp heads immediately after, cook them for a few minutes and blend them with the Brandy. Add the diced datterino tomatoes previously, with a glass of water and a pinch of salt. After a couple of minutes, lightly crush the heads with a ladle and remove them from the pot, leaving only the sauce left.

Boil the water for the pasta, salt it at the right point and cook the paccheri (do not turn often to not break them, especially in the first 10 minutes of cooking). After cooking the pasta, proceed with the seasoning, sautéing it in the souté, adding prawns, scallops and asparagus previously seasoned with salt, pepper, oil and basil.

If necessary, we can help ourselves with cooking water and a knob of butter, a sprinkling of parsley and then serve.


NOTE: Shrimps and scallops are put raw to creaming the pasta, leaving them just cooked, so that they remain very tender.