#achatwiththechef 2023 summer menu

The chef's comments on some dishes on the menu and the wines suggested by our sommelier

We asked our chef to comment on some dishes on the menu and our sommelier to pair a wine. Here are their suggestions.






"The dish includes creamed cod, sardines in saor, capelonghe, scampi in batter, corn flakes and fried polenta.
The idea of the typical Venetian cicchetto is proposed in a gourmet and modern key, taking up the classic preparations to enhance the typical cuisine of the territory in each of these. The protagonist is undoubtedly the creamed cod, but it is important to mention also the saor technique, which was once used to preserve fish for longer, and we added the razor clams and crispy scampi, as the value of molluscs and crustaceans typical of the lagoon.
Practically a dip in the typicality and Venetian tradition of great effect on the palate and soul”.


Suggested wine: San Cristoforo Franciacorta DOCG Brut

Our sommelier recommends a San Cristoforo Franciacorta DOCG Brut, fresh and intriguing, with an intense deep yellow color. The taste offers a good persistence, with a pleasant aftertaste linked to sweet and round sensations. It is obtained from the chardonnay grape must which, after fermentation, is left to mature for six months in steel tanks and, subsequently, Franciacorta Brut matures in bottle on the lees for two years. In addition to our appetizer, it is also excellent as an aperitif, or can be paired to dishes based on shellfish, razor clams (or capelunghe) and other fish first courses.


Raw scampi, sea bass carpaccio and swordfish tartare with raspberry, melon and yoghurt sauce


Our raw seafood includes scampi, sea bass and swordfish. The scampi from the Mediterranean, one of the best on the market, is accompanied by a raspberry dressing which makes its taste more enveloping. The sea bass, prince of the fish of the lagoon, is marinated with salt, sugar and spices, hand-cut and placed next to the swordfish tartare served with a yogurt sauce that enhances its flavor even more. Everything is enriched by the melon from the Po valley which gives sweet and fresh nuances to the dish and adds a colorful note to the mise en place.






The dish recalls the classic shrimp busara but with new attention and originality. Crustaceans go very well with Pecorino Veneto, a highly sought-after Pecorino from the Berici Hills (Vicenza). And finally the truffle adds a refined touch to the dish. It is one of the most loved dishes by our customers ".


Suggested wine: Sauvignon "Piere"

The Sauvignon "Piere", a very pleasant white wine, intense and full, with aromas of white flowers, citrus peel, yellow fruit, peach, pineapple, gooseberry, medicinal herbs. It will leave you with a fresh and harmonious flavor.




Seared tuna with sesame, avocado sauce, cuttlefish ink and osmosis veggies and fruit


Tuna is usually really appreciated by our guests and in our spring menu we offer it in a fresh and colorful version.
Our second course consists of raw tuna in sesame flavored with high quality Italian extra virgin olive oil accompanied by carrot, ginger, celery in pepper osmosis, sweet and sour Tropea onion, confit tomatoes, crunchy courgettes, green apple marinated in passion fruit and lime avocado salsa. In the central part you will find creamy squid ink mayonnaise.
A refreshing mix with an intense taste that we hope you will like.


Suggested wine: Pinot Grigio Ronco Severo

Pinot Grigio Ronco Severo is a complex and engaging white wine, produced according to the ancient traditions of the past in Prepotto, in Friuli Venezia Giulia. With a bright coppery colour, on the nose stand out intense aromas of white pulp fruit, including peach and pear, and dried fruit, such as walnut and almond, floral notes of honeysuckle, acacia flowers and hay, hints spiced with pepper and cloves, to close with a slight iodized sensation. The taste is enveloping, energetic, fresh and persistent, with intriguing spicy notes.