#achatwiththechef 2022 spring-summer menu

The chef's comments on some dishes on the menu and the wines suggested by our sommelier

We asked our chef to comment on some dishes on the menu and our sommelier to pair a wine. Here are their suggestions.


Starter: Venetian Proposal

"The dish includes creamed cod, sardines and prawns in saor, capelonghe, scampi in batter, corn flakes and fried polenta. The idea of the typical Venetian cicchetto is proposed in a gourmet and modern key, taking up the classic preparations to enhance the typical cuisine of the territory in each of these.
The protagonist is undoubtedly the creamed cod, but it is important to mention also the saor technique, which was once used to preserve fish for longer, and we added the razor clams and crispy scampi, as the value of molluscs and crustaceans typical of the lagoon.
Practically a dip in the typicality and Venetian tradition of great effect on the palate and soul”.


Suggested wine: San Cristoforo Franciacorta DOCG Brut

Our sommelier recommends a San Cristoforo Franciacorta DOCG Brut, fresh and intriguing, with an intense deep yellow color. The taste offers a good persistence, with a pleasant aftertaste linked to sweet and round sensations. It is obtained from the chardonnay grape must which, after fermentation, is left to mature for six months in steel tanks and, subsequently, Franciacorta Brut matures in bottle on the lees for two years.
In addition to our appetizer, it is also excellent as an aperitif, or can be paired to dishes based on shellfish, razor clams (or capelunghe) and other fish first courses


Starter: marinated swordfish carpaccio, melon pearls and lime yogurt sauce

This appetizer is one of the fresh and summer dishes that we offer in our new menu. The swordfish, coming from the Mediterranean seas, is marinated for a few hours in an aromatic salt rich in spices ranging from cardamom to cloves, which give it a very strong taste. To create a contrast and enhance the flavors, it is accompanied by melon from the Po Valley, a typical fruit of the summer season and sweet on the palate, and a creamy yogurt sauce enriched with lime that adds a touch of acidity to the dish.


Suggested wine: Joy Pinot Grigio DOC Collio Castello di Spessa 2018

Produced with grapes from Capriva del Friuli, the “JOY” PINOT GRIGIO DOC COLLIO CASTELLO DI SPESSA 2018 has a coppery color, obtained thanks to a skin maceration for 10-15 hours at 6 ° C. This process also gives a wider and more complex bouquet of aromas with typical hints of red fruits On the palate, notes of pear and pomegranate stand out, as well as hints of raspberries and small red berries. It goes well with fish, therefore excellent for our marinated swordfish carpaccio, melon pearls and lime yogurt sauce, and also with white meats, vegetable soups, delicate first courses and fresh cheeses.


First course: Fresh double egg yolk tagliolini with scampi, black summer truffle and cream of Pecorino di Fossa

The dish recalls the classic shrimp busara but with new attention and originality. Crustaceans go very well with Pecorino Veneto, a highly sought-after Pecorino from the Berici Hills (Vicenza). And finally the truffle adds a refined touch to the dish. It is one of the most loved dishes by our customers.


Suggested wine: Sauvignon "Piere"

The Sauvignon "Piere", a very pleasant white wine, intense and full, with aromas of white flowers, citrus peel, yellow fruit, peach, pineapple, gooseberry, medicinal herbs. It will leave you with a fresh and harmonious flavor.


First course: ravioli with scallops and prawns, on saffron cream, Treviso Casatella, bread toasted and tomato confit.

“Among the first courses of fresh pasta offered on our menu we find this ravioli rich in taste, particularly interesting because the association of the shrimp with the Scallop gives it an intense and persistent flavor. Also in this recipe we use local products such as scallop, molluscs and Casatella cheese, which gives that right hint of acidity, on a saffron cream, suitable for excellently enhancing the fish in question.
In summary, a very rich and tasty first course of stuffed pasta made with quality raw materials and with extreme simplicity”


Suggested wine: Veneto IGT "Olmèra" De Stefani

“Olmèra” by De Stefani is the ideal wine to pair with ravioli with scallops and prawns, on saffron cream, Treviso Casatella, toasted bread and confit tomatoes. A straw yellow colored wine with golden reflections. Its aroma is intense with nuances of tropical fruit, citrus and a light toasting. The taste is fresh and harmonious, very persistent.
A peculiarity: its name derives from a Veneto dialectal term "Olmèra", literally a forest of elm trees that was present where the vineyard is now and which has given the soil particular elements that make this wine full-bodied and rich.


Dessert: semifreddo with Sant’Erasmo honey, chocolate, rum and orange

“This dessert is very tasty, the base is a rum and honey Parfait, in which a heart of 70% dark chocolate is inserted. We have chosen an excellent quality local honey to enhance the Venetian lagoon, which is rich in niche products.
This is accompanied by an almond crumble, to make the dessert even more interesting, with a texture that amazes the palate. " A refreshing and full of flavor after dinner. Enjoy it!”


Suggested wine: Moscato fiori d’arancio Passito Zanovello

Introduced in the Veneto by the Venetians as early as the 13th century, the Moscato fiori d’arancio grape has an intense aroma, a thick and colorful skin and a crunchy pulp. After about 4 months of drying in small boxes, the grapes are pressed for maceration and a dense, golden-colored juice with a certain tannicity is obtained which, on the nose, recalls apricot jam, orange peel and flowers, honey , tobacco and vanilla.