#achatwiththechef 2022 fall-winter menu

The chef's comments on some dishes on the menu and the wines suggested by our sommelier

We asked our chef to comment on some dishes on the menu and our sommelier to pair a wine.
Here are their suggestions.


First Courses


Tagliolini semolina and double yolk with scampi, black truffle and Fossa Pecorino

The dish recalls the classic shrimp busara but with new attention and originality. Crustaceans go very well with Pecorino Veneto, a highly sought-after Pecorino from the Berici Hills (Vicenza). And finally the truffle adds a refined touch to the dish. It is one of the most loved dishes by our customers ".


Suggested wine: Sauvignon "Piere"

The Sauvignon "Piere", a very pleasant white wine, intense and full, with aromas of white flowers, citrus peel, yellow fruit, peach, pineapple, gooseberry, medicinal herbs. It will leave you with a fresh and harmonious flavor.



Spaghetti bio senatore cappelli with spider crab, its coral and lemon grass

Spider crab is a home crustacean here at Caravella: fished in the depths of the lagoon, in the shape of a large sea spider but with a very tasty and delicate pulp, it is often used as an appetizer or as a first course. Our recipe is faithful to tradition: the crustacean is first expertly cooked in vegetable-scented water, then fleshed out with great patience. But the interesting thing is that we keep the coral that is inside to prepare an exquisite butter that will flavor the pasta during the seasoning with the pulp. Finally, a note of Lemon grass will refresh the palate and the sense of smell, giving an unique blend of flavours.


Suggested wine: Nosiola "Fontanasanta" by Cantina Foradori

The “Fontanasanta” Nosiola in Amphora is presented in the glass with an intriguing intense golden dress. The nose, while always being gentle and gradual, is endowed with enormous complexity and variety of references: the dehydrated orange, the aromatic herbs, the mineral puffs and the exotic fruit, come together in a cohesive and rhythmic profile. Slender but deep sip, made complex and long by a truly refined saline texture. Universal white.


Sweet Moments

White chocolate Bavarian cream, blueberries soft heart and vanilla sauce

We enriched the Bavarian, one of the most classic spoon desserts, with tonka bean. It gives a note of delicacy to the dessert that contrasts with the acidity of the soft blueberry heart. All completed with a tasty English cream. The result is a cake with a great impact on the taste and which combines the most classic pastry with modern reinterpretations.


Suggested wine: Recioto della Valpolicella - Brigaldara

Brigaldara's Recioto della Valpolicella is produced with grapes from vineyards that are at least 20 years old. With an intense ruby red color, on the nose the rich nuances of black cherry, cherry, plum, coffee and spices stand out. 

The taste is full and persistent with sweet and fragrant notes, ideal for the “White chocolate Bavarian cream, blueberries soft heart and vanilla sauce”.