History Casale Marchese - Frascati

Casale Marchese Wine estate - Frascati

The Casale Marchese enjoys a fascinating history. The structure itself was built on top of two ancient Roman cisterns. During the middle ages, in the bull of Pope Bonifacius VIII of May 12, 1301, it was listed as part of the Annibaldi family fief.
During the renaissance, the estate was the home of the Marquis Emilio de’Cavalieri (1550-1602).
The Casale Marchese estate, which extends over more than 50 hectares, is situated in the heart of the Frascati DOC region and overlooks a bucolic land of rolling hills, where vineyards alternate with ancient olive groves.
The work of Casale Marchese has certainly contributed to a marked increase in the presence of Frascati wine on traditional markets in Italy and abroad, offering a wide range of products, from the classic Frascati  Superior D.O.C. to the new Clemens IGT; The “Marchese de’ Cavalieri “, a robust, austere red wine, and "Cortesia" and
“Cannellino” , a sweet and delicate wines.

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