• Our menu

    The Menu of La Caravella restaurant reflects the long culinary tradition of the lagoon city, and offers typical Venetian dishes that will let you discover or further explore the depths of Venetian cooking.


    Here are some of the traditional dishes we propose:

    • Classic “saor”, the marinated sweet-and-sour sardines with onions, pine kernels and raisins
    • Spider crab with lemon sauce and extra-virgin olive oil
    • Fish soup, Venetian-style
    • Bigoli all’ anatra, thick home-made pasta with a duck ragout
    • Oven-roasted turbot with potatoes and olives


    In addition to the more traditional recipes, our Chef reinterprets and creates delectable dishes based on seasonal ingredients, offering a choice of dining options. Traditional Venetian flavour or trendier fare, dining at La Caravella restaurant  is always a truly special occasion.


    Herebelow you will find in PDF format our A' la carte menu