La Caravella at home: Venetian Frittelle

The recipe of the Venetian Frittelle to replicate at home

When we think of frittelle we inevitably think of Carnival. In Venice you can find the Veneziane, the simple ones with raisins, but stuffed ones should also be mentioned. We have all kinds of them: pistachio, chocolate, cream, zabaglione but some pastry shops also use unconventional fillings.

If you do not have the opportunity to taste them, here is the recipe we use here at our restaurant.


Venetian Fritelle: the recipe



500 gr 0 flour for cakes
75 gr granulated sugar
100 gr sultanas
50 gr pine nuts
50 gr candied citrons
2 eggs
20 ml grappa
30 gr brewer's yeast
Vanilla sugar to taste
1 lemon (zest only)
1 orange (zest only)
150 ml of water
Salt to taste
Frying oil (peanuts)



Pour the flour into a bowl, the granulated sugar and the diluted yeast in the center a glass of warm water, start kneading by adding the eggs and the rest of the water until you get a tender mixture.

The raisins should be soaked to hydrate in the grappa and then combined with all the rest of the ingredients (the pine nuts should be slightly crumbled) work well for 15 minutes. Then let the dough rest for two to three hours.

Prune the oil to 160 *C and with a spoon shape like walnuts fry until it becomes golden brown. With a skimmer bring the frittelle and put on absorbent paper and then sprinkle the Vanilla icing sugar.